Emitters demonized as ‘culprits’ by alarmist media

About 35 minutes after the EPA released its first greenhouse gas emissions inventory, the New York Times was already branding emitters as criminals and urging the public to hunt them down.

JANUARY 11, 2012, 12:35 PM
On Our Radar: The Nation’s Greenhouse Gas Culprits


The Environmental Protection Agency releases an interactive online tool for identifying major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The database and map allow residents and governments to identify the biggest polluters in their neighborhoods and get the broad picture as well. [Environmental Protection Agency]

Amid a wave of complaints about its worsening air quality, Hong Kong will begin measuring pollutants smaller than 2.5 micrometers at all its monitoring stations by March, an official says. He does not specify whether the data will be made public. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

China says it will invest $10 billion this year in its South-North Water Diversion project, which will supply parched cities in the north. [Associated Press]

It’s 5 minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock of nuclear destruction, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reports — one minute later than a year ago. It cites inadequate progress on nuclear weapons reduction and inaction on climate change. [Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]

Bloomberg followed with this helpful targeting:

Southern Co. Plants Top Emitters of Greenhouse Gases, EPA Says

By Mark Drajem – Jan 11, 2012

Southern Co. (SO) owns the three power plants that are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the U.S., according to Environmental Protection Agency data.

The plants released more than 20 million metric tons of carbon dioxide or equivalent pollutants in 2010, EPA data released today showed. Atlanta-based Southern is the largest U.S. power company by market value.

Power plants emitted the most carbon, accounting for 96 of the top 100 emitters, according to the data. The EPA later this month will release the regulations that for the first time will set limits on greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants, according to Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for the agency.

Those standards won’t apply to existing facilities, McCarthy told reporters on a conference call.

Read “EPA releases first national greenhouse gas inventory.”

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  1. I say thank you to the power companies for providing me with the electricty to live a modern, healthy life!

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