Does Romney need new energy/environment advisers?

Meet the Romney EPA.. the same as the Bush EPA?

Robert Zubrin writes in National ReviewNewt Beats Mitt on Energy: Gingrich has revolutionary ideas, while Mitt enlists Bush-era bureaucrats“,

For his advisers on energy policy, Romney has assembled a group of Bush-administration bureaucrats including:

James Connaughton: As head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality for eight years, Connaughton supported and implemented cap-and-trade programs for dealing with air pollutants and, according to his archived White House profile, coordinated “comprehensive climate change strategy, clean technology initiatives, [and] environmental cooperation agreements with our free trade partners.”

Alexander “Andy” Karsner: As the Bush administration’s assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, Karsner managed the Department of Energy’s $1.47 billion applied-science, research, development, and deployment portfolio, which, according to his archived White House profile, promoted “marketplace integration of renewable and environmentally sound energy technologies . . . [with] primary responsibility for education, conservation, regulation and efficient use of our nation’s energy resources, including federal energy management, building codes, appliance standards, and the Energy Star program, amongst others.”

Jeff Holmstead: As EPA air chief for Bush, Holmstead was the self-proclaimed architect of “key parts” of Bush’s climate-change initiative. His interstate clean-air rule set the precedent for the current EPA’s economy-wrecking Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.

Edward Krenik: As the congressional-affairs liaison for the Bush EPA, Krenik helped craft the (ultimately unsuccessful) legislative strategy for the Clear Skies Act, which aimed to implement cap-and-trade programs for NOX, SO2, and mercury emissions from power plants. After leaving the EPA, Krenik joined Holmstead as a senior principal at Bracewell and Giuliani, a law firm specializing in helping clients deal with the EPA…

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5 thoughts on “Does Romney need new energy/environment advisers?”

  1. Hopefully, Newt has finished with his “stupid” acts like palling around with the queen-b#$%$% Pelosi, and some of the other numbskull things he’s done. Of course, we do have to consider that he IS STILL clearly a member of the Stupid Party; snatching defeat from the jaws of victory seems to come quite naturally to many of these nitwits. God help us!

  2. THanks for confirming my suspicions and concerns about the Mitt-ster. Gingrich may not be the best choice still, but it is clear what we don’t need is more moderation and clueless eco-insanity. Romney’s done in my book.

  3. Uh-oh! I…totally AGREE with Forrester & Bob,–I hope that’s not consensus (-ha-ha?)! It does look like Romney has lined-up Globalists that RUINED Bush’s legacy, imo. There’s: Jam Connaughton, –previously in favor of the Cap & Trade scams;– Ande Karsner, more regulations;–Jiff Holmstead, ANTI-coal, because of his “cross-state pollution…” thing causing fits to coal-power operators; and Edwird Krenik, another “Cap’n-‘Traitor'”, to scam populations with Carbon credits. Does Romney have NO discrimination? Would Romney support/hire Globalists, imo, and NOT, BE, one? –With supporting these “Statists”, I WONDER HOW Bain really helped anybody? I mean, sure, he’d get rid of the non-performers, and kept the lean-mean performers, but the survivor’d get “ANOTHER TEN ROUNDS”… with “Knock-out, knock-down” ‘Reg Ulations’, –past economy-killer, Stealth-taxer, and Globalist Bully. Also,–there’s NO CLEAR CHOICE, –the Conservatives will stay home, and bingo, Nobama II. If Romney wins & the EPA stays, there CANNOT BE any significant growth, because the EPA’ll REGULATE businesses OUT of business, even if taxes are down. Is that the PLAN, here? Even if he wins, Romney’ll be kicked-out of office, doing no better than Nobama, and then later with Bain-II, he does with the REST of the Economy, those that are teetering now, when they COULD have been WINNERS. –Energy COULD(–still CAN!) have led us out of the Nobama-Bush, but for the Regulatory,”concrete overshoes” of the EPA in a deep, dark “lake” of Globalist,Commu-fascism. Some capitalists did very well “working-with” Eco-Nazis like Hitler. But do we WANT a continuence of these Public-private organs?,–a “Nobama-lite” from the Center-LEFT-right? By the way, the LIE to moderates EVER winning in a Presidential race, is that Reagan got MORE votes,in Mass., than Romney got as a “moderate(LEFT)” running for Govenor. One can Rant about taxes–they DO discourage investment/jobs, but ‘Reg Ulations’ is the not-talked-about Other 800lb. Tax-Gorilla in the room, ALSO Killing development. The EPA MUST GO, as it constitutes a not-stopable, STEALTH, TAXING FORCE which will destroy this country!

  4. This is my concern with either a Romney or Gingrich. There is no solid committment to common sense science with an economic – cost / benefit to society approach. They seem more committed to politically correct, consensus based ideas. This makes me very uncomfortable with them on natural resource issues.

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