‘Denier Weathermen Lash Out At Forecast The Facts Campaign’

ThinkProgress is upset that the Soros-funded astroturf campaign has been exposed and denounced for what it is.

ThinkProgress reports:

ight-wing weathermen who publicly reject climate science have responded with anger and vitriol to a campaign that exposes their influence on the American public. More than half of TV weather reporters don’t believe in human-induced climate change, even as our poisoned weather grows more extreme. Forecast The Facts challenges the American Meteorological Society to take a clear stand against these anti-science ideologues.

After ThinkProgress Green promoted the campaign, listing dozens of the prominent television weathermen who publicly heap scorn on scientific reality, the anti-science weatherguy community has lashed out:

— Rush Limbaugh‘s “good guy” meteorologist Ryan Maue complained about the “left-wing sh*t website black-listing on-air meteorologists.”
— Accuweather Senior Vice President Mike Smith agreed that the ThinkProgress article “amounts to blacklisting.”
— San Diego’s KUSI-TV weatherman John Coleman said it was “very disturbing” that “the activists now feel the need to campaign to get us under control.”
— Cleveland’s WJW-TV weatherman Andre Bernier said: “The day the AMS strong arms anyone to tow the AGW is the day I disown them.”
— Retired TV weatherman John Ghiorse called the campaign “the ultimate in gestapo tactics.”

Strangely, they didn’t complain when Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) compiled a list of science-denying weathermen in 2007…

Read the ThinkProgress posting.

Click here for “Exposed: Meteorologist campaign is Soros-funded.”

2 thoughts on “‘Denier Weathermen Lash Out At Forecast The Facts Campaign’”

  1. And if this Forcast the Facts organization damages the reputation or ratings of even one weather forcaster, they will be sued into extinction.

    Got my beer and popcorn ready. This is going to be good

  2. Since when do weathermen forecast climate ten -100 years in the future? The bold ones will forecast a week ahead. This is a waste of time all around.

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