Chevron Appeals Ecuadorean Ruling

From one kangaroo court to another?

The Wall Street Journal reports,

Chevron Corp. has filed an appeal seeking the review of a judgment issued against it in an Ecuadorean court this month.

Chevron is accused of oil contamination in Ecuador’s Amazon region. The company denies the allegations.

The San Ramon, Calif., company said Friday that the appeal, called a petition for cassation, “details multiple legal grounds for reversal of the January appellate court decision.” The appeal seeks a review by Ecuador’s National Court of Justice.

On Jan. 3, an Ecuadorean court ratified a multibillion dollar ruling issued last year against Chevron, holding the company responsible for environmental and punitive damages stemming from oil operations in Ecuador. An appeals judge upheld the original ruling, issued in February 2011, “in all its aspects.”

The original decision ordered Chevron to pay a $9.5 billion in remediation costs and plaintiff damages, and an additional $8.6 billion if it refused to apologize for the alleged environmental damage…

3 thoughts on “Chevron Appeals Ecuadorean Ruling”

  1. This crap is the unfortunate result of not allowing the US to drill for its own oil. Perhaps this is part of Obama’s plan to put ‘filthy fossil fuel’ out of business, and our ‘friends’ in Ecuador are helping out.

  2. Robberie$ like this used to be prevented by judicial use of the Marines, I presume. –Do you see, Exxon, WHY the Globalists should NEVER be supported,–in ANY venue, for ANY reason?! Global governance would NOT stop this,–might even make it worse, because a Global entity would ALSO see you as a “cash/revenue-cow.”

  3. Just keep going up the chain until you find a judge the greens haven’t bought or threatened.

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