Canadians to re-trot out the polar bear as symbol of alarmism?

Polar bear as fake victim — take two.

CBC News reports,

A new polar bear conservation centre at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg puts the heat on Manitoba to do more about climate change, according to a polar bear biologist of 14 years.

“Climate is very abstract, I think, for most people,” Geoff York, a biologist with the World Wildlife Fund’s Global Arctic Program, told CBC News in Winnipeg on Monday.

“So if you can put a face to that — and in this case, the face of the polar bear, an animal that people care about, people in Manitoba especially … [it] might be just the thing needed to get that political will engaged again”…

2 thoughts on “Canadians to re-trot out the polar bear as symbol of alarmism?”

  1. I wouldn’t mind a polar bear skin to keep me warm, especially with the increasingly high cost of heating my home. I heard that polar bear steak is especially cool and tastes a bit like baby seal ribs when properly BBQ’d.

  2. The misanthropic global warming crowd doesn’t care a bit about the polar

    They use the polar bear because YOU care about the polar bear.

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