Auf wiedersehen, edelweiss?

The hills are alive with the sound of junk science.

Climatewire reports about a new study in Nature Climate Change:

Plants at home in Europe’s cold alpine climates are being displaced by warming and could eventually disappear entirely, a new study warns.

As those cold-loving plants disappear, species that prefer toastier climes are moving in, according to the research published yesterday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Researchers from 13 European countries say their study, based on data collected in all of Europe’s major mountain ranges in 2001 and 2008, suggests that alpine meadows in some areas could vanish within decades.

However, the researchers admit in the study that:

Although the signal is not statistically significant for single mountain regions, it is clearly significant when data throughout Europe are pooled.

So it’s not actually happening anywhere, but they can concoct statistics to show its happening everywhere.

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