Alarmist on Lord Lawson: ‘Why isn’t he dead yet?’

“Former Chancellor Lord Lawson celebrates his 80th birthday in March and might be forgiven for wondering, at his time of life, if he really needs to endure all this.”

Adrian Lee writes in The Express:

LORD LAWSON had barely removed his microphone when the vitriolic attacks began.
The veteran politician had just taken part in a calm debate about the merits of extracting gas from shale. During the discussion on the BBC’s Today programme he stated his firmly held view that there has been no global warming so far this century.

It was the catalyst for an outpouring of venom on message boards and social networking sites. In a selection of the printable insults Lord Lawson was described as “a rabid climate change denier”, “a liar” and “a lone nutcase”. One listener even posted: “Why isn’t he dead yet?”…

Lord Lawson says no one is certain about the impact of global warming on the environment. He says: “There is no scientific basis for some of the alarmism.”

He adds: “While it is scientifically established that increased emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from the use of carbon-based energy such as coal, oil and gas can be expected to warm the planet, it is uncertain how great any such warming would be and how much harm, if any, it would do.”

Many scientists now believe that climate change is much more likely to be part of a cycle of warming and cooling that has happened regularly every 1,500 years for the last million years, without causing major harm…

Read Lee’s entire commentary.

One thought on “Alarmist on Lord Lawson: ‘Why isn’t he dead yet?’”

  1. Typical of the warmists/ left. They attack the man not the policy. Quite the opposite of sport where you play the ball not the man. Typical of the left- they like to give the illusion they are caring, but wishing someone dead is NOT in keeping with the caring/sharing charade. Not really caring/sharing are they. Time people remember the left are called “reds” because they are prone to bloodshed. Long live Lord Lawson.

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