Al Gore: ‘Living on thin ice’

Al Gore’s journey to the Antarctic is the kick-off for a larger PR effort.

Al Gore (or some lackey) blogs,

…Even though Antarctica is thousands of miles distant from the rest of the world, the melting ice on this continent should be of paramount concern to all of us. As our planet’s ice melts, sea levels are rising steadily. This increases the risk of storm surges, coastal floods, diminished supplies of drinking water for billions of people, and hundreds of millions of climate refugees.

I first traveled to Antarctica in 1988. At the time, it was already clear that our southernmost continent stood at the frontier of the global climate crisis. Scientists expected that as climate change accelerated, Antarctica would be one of the fastest warming areas of the planet. This prediction has proven true: Today, the West Antarctic Peninsula is warming about four times faster than the global average. In many ways, it is the biggest “canary in the coal mine,” signaling one of the largest impacts of climate change for the entire world.

To better understand the changes taking place near the South Pole and the impacts those changes will have around the world, I will be returning to Antarctica this month with The Climate Reality Project. A large number of civic and business leaders, activists and concerned citizens from many countries on this voyage will be joined by many of the world’s leading climate scientists and Antarctica experts to see firsthand and in real time how the climate crisis is unfolding in Antarctica.

In parallel with this expedition, we are encouraging our partners and supporters to organize their own expeditions closer to home. Over the next few weeks, The Climate Reality Project will document how the melting of the world’s ice is impacting us everywhere from Brooklyn to Bangladesh and from Ecuador to the Arctic. To follow these expeditions, I encourage you to keep checking our website, Living on Thin Ice… [Emphasis added]

But it’s been cooling at the Alfred Wegener Institute Neumayer Station III for 30 years (See below graph).

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  1. ALGORE…IS, imo,…”institutionalized!”…He’s a “captive”…In the cool, quiet ASYLUM… of his pitifully maddened mind,–FEVERED… as it MUST be,imo, –due to the CONFLICT… between his “FANTASIES” of Global-warming, and, the REALITY…that its been COOLING for 30 years(!) at the above mentioned station! All during ALGORE’S LIES, –Awards for Lying, and Riefenstahl-like, imo, propaganda-epics, scaring children and loosening “adult” bowels, –the Antartic Station’s been COOLING!!! No doubt his Globalist handlers have eroneously opined, imo, that Gore’s LIES weren’t often enough and large enough. Like those that serve Satan, those who, imo, are OWNED by the Globalists,and their “Rosemary’s Babe” of the profound Absurdity of Global-warming, have to “prove” their allegiance with increasingly frantic-dodgings, –near & far,–hither & yon, as the Handlers, –like Satan, imagine…simply NOT enough EFFORT was put into his fabrications, and like Satan, perhaps there’s a horrible PRICE to be paid by those who FAIL their Globalist masters? –“Don’t Vhery, AL”, –you’re too big of a BUFFOON, imo, to suffer more damage from the Globalists. Long before video games, there was a coin-operated road-side amusement, called, “The Dancing Chicken”. Gore’s trek to Antartica reminds me of that Early-Americana-machine. His masters have deposited the quarter, the music has started(–Campertown Races?), a turn-table turns to allow circular-reasoning,and now, ALGORE rants,–Rants,– RANTS! And the poor AL–er, chicken… DOES…–dance,–Dance,–DANCE!…until the music stops,–the turn-table slows and stops, –the light goes off, –the chicken gets a few kernals of corn, and waits in the DARK for the Next “Sucker”. We’d climb into our car and drive-off, laughing at ourselves for having WASTED a quarter.

  2. Neumayer Station III is not on the West Antarctic Peninsula, however, according to this website, there are other stations, like Halley that are cooling. Even on the Peninsula the temperature rise at Rothera is +0.0627, Bellingshausen +0.0221, Marambio +0.0430 and Orcadas +0.0207 for the last 60 years. I don’t know if these about four times faster than the global average as Gore says.

  3. If Al Gore stuck his head into the ocean, sea levels would rise. Has anyone is history had greater delusions of grandeur (not including the institutionalized)?

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