8 thoughts on “2011 ‘Climate B.S. of the Year Award’”

  1. Peter Glieck has given his “dishonorable” mention of the year to Steve McIntyre for his alleged despicable smear of climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State University.

    I sincerely hope GlIeck will take the time to read McIntyre’s objections to (uncorrected) errors in Mann’s early papers. (lest GlIeck himself be foisted on a dishonorable petard.)

  2. Is this the same Peter Gleick who posted a critical and sarcastic review of the book “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert” by Donna Laframboise, on Amazon.com without having read the book? That gives one pause to wonder about his claim to have read the Spencer and Braswell paper.

    My spell checker just inquired about the word Gleick. I chose the “Ignore Once” option, but upon further reflection I wish that there had been a button that would remind me to “Always Ignore.”

  3. It is said that “A man’s greatness can be measured by his enemies.”
    This is the highest praise I have had since the POTUS announced in a State-of-the-Union message (1995) that he was firing me.

  4. Mr. Glieck is almost correct. I anti POST MODERN science!
    Give me conventional science anyday, you can keep your post-modern crap.

  5. I have to admit that I am anti-science. I’ve even published anti-science. I’ve also published gauche science. My academic field of study was x-ray crystallography/organic stereochemistry. “Anti” and “gauche” refer to spatial relationships across a C-C bond. But I don’t suppose that is what these esteemed scientists mean. Since I believed all that stuff about the scientific method, data integrity and the like, I suppose I’m gauche enough to be anti-(modern climate)science.

  6. Wheee… So now I am a minion of anti-science… I spent my entire life learning more about science and somehow flipped from positive to negative in my understanding. I feel like the Earth’s magnetic field…

    (I am sorry, but this stuff just makes me laugh. How do you respond intelligently to such blind ignorance?)

  7. what jerks! .. when they gonna’ realize that we ain’t listenin’ to this same ol’ wornout crap anymore? .. good God man! take a break so i can get one…
    …a strong mind often has a single focus .. weak minds keeps a single focus even when they know they’re wrong…

  8. Wow. They know they’ve lost, so they resort to ad hominem? That isn’t science; this is the same childish behaviour that politicians have! What a shame.

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