WashTimes: Climate talks, then climate tax

“Durban deal promises to take U.N. redistributionism worldwide.”

The Washington Times editorializes,

… European Union climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard commended representatives from 194 nations for “working to the very last minute to secure that we cash in what has been achieved and what should be achieved here.” The “cash” she referred to is $100 billion in annual taxes developed nations would pay into a “Green Climate Fund,” which then would be redistributed to underdeveloped countries to mitigate the impact of purported global warming. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said recently that the fund needs to collect $76 trillion over 40 years. Good luck selling that plan in today’s teetering economy…

The American economy will not prosper until we get government out of the way and let the private sector power our future using the most efficient sources available. For that to happen, the next administration must reject any redistributionist U.N. treaty designed to soak billions from U.S. taxpayers based on bogus climate claims.

Read the full WashTimes editorial.

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