Revkin’s interview of Naomi Klein

A few notes on former New York Times columnist and Climategater Andrew Revkin’s interview with Karl-Marx-in-a-skirt.

As we’ve reported before, Naomi Klein has turned her sights on global warming and Revkin interviews her for his blog. Here are some “highlights”.

Klein says,

I think we need to admit that climate change really does demand a profound interrogation of the ideology that currently governs our economy. And that’s not bad news, since our current economic model is failing millions of people on multiple fronts.

Our economic model isn’t failing; our politicians are, starting with Obama. Free-market capitalism will continue to be the most successful social philosophy ever as soon as Obama is removed from the controls.

Klein says,

Not everything is win-win, some very powerful players are going to have to lose if we ever decide to get serious about climate change, which is why the denial movement is so well funded.

The great untold story of the defeat of global warming is the rag-tag band of skeptics on, if they were lucky, uncertain and shoe-string budgets. The alarmist fantasy of the fossil fuel industry spending countless billions to thwart “planetary rescue” is simply not the case. To the extent there were billions of dollars spent on anything, the alarmists were the recipients of that largesse.

Klein says,

… the Heartland crowd likes to claim that climate change is a socialist conspiracy to redistribute wealth. It’s not a conspiracy…

That’s right, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s out in the open, as she’s admitted.

Revkin says,

On [the U.S.] leading the way [to emissions curbs], it’s fine to think this would result in others de-carbonizing, and I’m all for the moral imperative of the established emitters leading the way…

Revkin recently tried to defend his collaboration with the Climategate crew by saying he was simply doing his job. This comment certainly puts the lie to that.

Finally, Revkin basically advises Klein and other alarmist bloggers (namely, Grist’s Dave Roberts and Center for American Progress’ Joe Romm) to give it up:

Any notion that Roberts, Klein or Romm will come up with a communication approach or political innovation or “Occupy”-style campaign that could produce the pace of change they seek where it matters… is as doubtful to me as my notions of fostering a culture of innovation, care and connectedness may be to them.

Perhaps it’s time for Klein to move on to her next trendy cause as climate alarmism is trending toward oblivion.

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