Look of Love: AGU leaders mesmerized by the Goreacle

Don’t proceed if you’ve just eaten.

American Geophysical Union president Mike McPhaden (second from right), executive director Christine McEntee (first from right) and other AGU leaders worshipped the Goreacle at the AGU’s fall meeting last Friday.

6 thoughts on “Look of Love: AGU leaders mesmerized by the Goreacle”

  1. I’ve always had legs, but I haven’t always loved them. In fact, I would have to say that for most of my life I haven’t even really paid attention to the fact that they’re there. Years of my life were spent walking mile after mile thanks to my legs. My legs helped me to ride bikes, roller skate, pump myself up into the air on the swings and much more. I pretty much took them for granted and ignored them until they were in pain and then I impatiently gave them a rest until it was time to use them again.

  2. Reminds me of the look my dog gives me as I’m preparing her supper!!!!! You’re my god!! I love you! More hamburger please………..etc………etc…………

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