Light bulb lies and lobbying (Part 2)

Light bulb manufacturers and their political allies have already started lying. Here’s Lie No. 1

National Electrical manufactiurers Association lobbyist Kyle Pitsor told Politico:

[The GOP bid to undercut the light bulb ban will]… allow potential bad actors to sell inefficient light bulbs in the United States without any fear of federal enforcement.

Of course, there are no significant bulb manufacturers other than GE, Philips and Sylvania. Moreover, no mainstream retailer is likely to sell illegal bulbs, regardless of whether the Department of Energy is empowered to enforce the ban. BTW, does DOE even have a police force?

So outside of leftover 100-watt bulbs sold underground or through the Internet until supplies run out, the odds of “bad actors” emerging are pretty much zero.

One thought on “Light bulb lies and lobbying (Part 2)”

  1. Do you have any evidence that no one will be selling the bulbs? Seems unlikely. There is clearly demand for them. It’s not that hard to manufacture 100watt bulbs if you were already manufacturing 60 watt.

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