Laffer to call for carbon tax

Another guy out of his league.

Politico reports that Reagan-era relic Art Laffer will call for a carbon tax in exchange for cuts in marginal tax rates on capital and labor.

Great idea, Art — not.

A carbon tax is junk science-based, regressive and penalizes energy use — the lifeblood of an economy.

Moreover, you can bet that as Republicans fail to control the size of government, tax rates will creep back up, plus we’ll have a carbon tax.

How about just reducing the size of government and, therefore, the need for stifling taxes?

2 thoughts on “Laffer to call for carbon tax”

  1. A shame, as I’ve been a fan of Laffer for years, but this one is truly misguided. Tax the air we breath? He must be kidding. Poor old Art must be getting senile.

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