Howie Carr: Congress sees the light over bulb ban

The Boston Herald columnist rejoices about nothing.

Carr writes,

The forces of science and rationalism won a big victory in Congress this week over superstition and religious intolerance, but somehow I doubt the American Civil Liberties Union is celebrating.

Here’s the headline: “Congress overturns incandescent light bulb ban”…

Stopping the light bulb ban, at least temporarily, was a small victory for us nonbelievers. At least we have something to be thankful for this Christmas, or, as the Greens describe this season, “the winter solstice.”

Nothing has been stopped — even temporarily. There will be no 100-watt incandescent bulbs available on store shelves Jan. 1, 2012 (if you can even find them now!).

The 1-year delay in the Department of Energy enforcement of the new bulb efficiency standards has no practical effect. It is a nothing-burger. Congressional Republicans failed in to reverse the ban.

Read Carr’s column.

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