Granite-rich regions eyed for storage of nation’s nuclear waste

Forget about it.

The Associated Press reports,

The likely death of a planned nuclear waste site at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain has left federal agencies looking for a possible replacement. A national lab working for the U.S. Department of Energy is now eying granite deposits stretching from Georgia to Maine as potential sites, along with big sections of Minnesota and Wisconsin where that rock is prevalent…

One court decision related to the decadeslong controversy over Yucca Mountain specified an isolation period of 1 million years…

As long as the EPA requires that a repository safeguard spent nuclear fuel for one million years — 200 times longer than recorded history — a permanent facility will remain a pipe dream.

7 thoughts on “Granite-rich regions eyed for storage of nation’s nuclear waste”

  1. You cannot get a site better than Yucca mountain. It is perfect in every way for the task. Far from water, high up, tectonically stable, and in the middle of inhospitable desert for the forseeable future. However, we still cannot guarantee safety for that kind of insane period, a hundred times longer than the most ancient tomb which has long been ransacked.

    Pompeii was considered a myth since the middle ages even though it was a major city in a civilized nation, in the middle of a well-known empire, and the eruption of Vesuvius was well documented by Pliny the Elder, less than 2,000 years ago. Do you think that we can guarantee a million years of safety for something when we can’t recall the existence of a major city in a world power for a tenth of a percent of that time?

    Of course, this requirement was designed to not be met.

  2. Gee, let’s be clear about this…are you aware that the funding for Yucca mountain came from a tax on every Kw of power sold to the end customer…for the purpose of locating and building a waste repository…how about that? Most people are not aware that all the funding has come from Nuclear Power Operators, and the DOE/Federal Government involvement has been as program managers, whereby they get use of the repository for the nasty nuclear pookie they the government has created by their bomb making research and development. So did Chu have the authority to kill Yucca Mountain in Nevada…No…and if I was a nuclear power customer, I would be demanding a refund for the 30-40 years the tax was collected. Another note is the science was completed on Yucca Mountain and the Licensing/Operating permit were submitted to the NRC, but pulled by this administration (I am sure Harry Reid had something to do with that).

  3. The real issue is that we do not NEED to store waste. We need to recycle it!! Why is this the only thing the leftards don’t want to recycle?!?!?!?!

  4. A million years indeed! Posiva OY’s planned Onkalo nuclear waste repository on Olkiluoto Island, Finland is designed to provide 100,000 years of safe storage for spent nuclear fuel. This speculative figure should serve as an upper limit for safe storage at any such facility. Has this judge no knowledge of geology, plate tectonics and the like or the understanding that thousands of years in engineering advances will come in to play long before 10,000, let alone a million years have passed?

  5. Disband / abolish the EPA, DEA, DOE, TSA, NLRB, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, OSHA and all Civil Service Labor Unions immediately…

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