Freudian slip: Rainforest not Brazil’s?

Not only do the greens disdain private property, but national boundaries apparently mean little, too.

We were going to comment on the green effort to restrict private property and development rights in Brazil, but couldn’t get past the first sentence of this Washington Post report:

Brazil, caretaker of the world’s largest rain forest, is about to enact broad new regulations that opponents say could loosen restrictions on Amazon deforestation and increase the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. [Emphasis added]

There may be an innocent interpretation of the highlighted phrase, but we’re skeptical.

As far as the greens are concerned, the Brazilian rainforest isn’t Brazil’s; it belongs to the greens, euphemistically referred to as “the world.”

One thought on “Freudian slip: Rainforest not Brazil’s?”

  1. The “Greenies” believe that they are the true and just owners of Gaia, and the rest of us are trespassers and interlopers that do not serve Gaia’s interests and well-being. It would be so nice if we were not here.

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