Fifty New Hampshire ‘scientists’ urge GOP candidates to accept climate alarmism

Here are some reasons why the GOP presidential candidates ought not care.

The Hill reports:

Fifty New Hampshire scientists Thursday called on the Republican presidential candidates to accept the “overwhelming” scientific evidence behind climate change.

We did a few quick Google searches on some of the signatories (until we saw the pattern and got bored):

Click here for the letter. Feel free to e-mail us if you know any other interesting tidbits.

6 thoughts on “Fifty New Hampshire ‘scientists’ urge GOP candidates to accept climate alarmism”

  1. You can’t be both an activist for opinion and a scientist at the same time on the same subject. And there doesn’t seem to be an institution that understands that or even cares to.

  2. This is the first time in all the blogs that I have seen this excellent point being made. I’m sure that all the people complaining about the so-called research funding by big oil won’t mind if all the climate change research is defunded since the science is unrefutable. The researchers in this field, along with the universities who are heavily invested in these people, can try to stay afloat without the government support.

  3. To begin such a letter with: Back in 1876, Mark Twain aptly remarked “One of the brightest gems in the New England weather is the dazzling uncertainty of it,” is in itself an indictment of the state of our public education system today. Maybe none of these PhDs that signed this letter can actually understand what Mr. Twain was saying. “Dazzling uncertainty” makes it pretty clear to everyone but apparently these 50 morons that signed the letter. Anyone associated with science and education who doesn’t understand that our planet is a dynamically changing and evolving entity unto itself, with hundreds if not thousands of ice ages and warming trends are fools. I find it gratifying each time things like this are written and signed of a bunch of self-serving public employees which exposes the total incompetence behind this environmental religion or is it just plain greed that comes with a PhD today?

  4. And what about the 30,000+ signers of the famous anti-AGW petition? Down the memory hole apparently.

    As far as the GOP… I’m about to lead a local third party revolt after the election. The establishment GOP is merely Dhimmeroid-Lite. I’m pretty tired of the whole lot of them.

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