Fallback: Greens now for carbon capture

Meaningful carbon capture and storage (CCS) is physically and financially impossible.

New from the greens:


Chris Smith, coordinator
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Environmental Organizations Announce CCS Network
Groups Support Carbon Capture and Sequestration as a Critical Climate Change Technology

(USA) December 7, 2011 – Today nine of the world’s leading environmental advocacy organizations launch the ENGO Network on CCS (Environmental NGO Network on Carbon Capture and Sequestration), formed to jointly pursue domestic and international policies and regulations enabling CCS to deliver on its emissions reduction potential safely and effectively.

Current members include: Clean Air Task Force, Environmental Defense Fund, Green Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Bellona Foundation, The Climate Institute, The Pembina Institute, World Resources Institute, and Zero Emission Resource Organisation.

Network members plan to share knowledge and work toward common positions on international developments related to CCS.

“Given the world’s current and projected reliance on fossil fuels, CCS is a critical mitigation technology that can enable faster and deeper emissions reductions,” said George Peridas of the Natural Resources Defense Council. “While sustainable solutions – such as energy efficiency and renewable energy – should be at the forefront, CCS can complement a climate change solutions portfolio under the right regulatory framework.”

Kurt Waltzer with the Clean Air Task Force said, “CCS is crucial for reversing the world’s growing carbon dioxide emissions. We need to build many commercial CCS projects around the world and get the cost of the technology to a globally affordable level if we are to avoid crossing a dangerous threshold for our climate.”

“A relatively small number of emission sources are responsible for a very large portion of the total global emissions, which means that a small number of CCS plants can cut global emissions by a very large share,” added Camilla Svendsen Skriung with ZERO. “We have no time to lose. CCS means that we can start removing CO2 right now, from existing power plants and industrial plants. Opportunities like this cannot be ignored when climate action is so urgently needed.”

Timothy O’Connor with Environmental Defense Fund said, “ CCS is an important climate change mitigation tool, and our new international NGO network can play an integral part in helping to ensure that the highest standards are met for public safety, atmospheric and environmental protection.”

For more information about the network, visit: www.engonetwork.org.

Fro more on CCS, check out Steve Milloy’s August 2009 Investor’s Business Daily column, “Clean Coal Is Built on Climate Myths.”

3 thoughts on “Fallback: Greens now for carbon capture”

  1. “Today nine of the world’s leading environmental advocacy organizations”

    While I usually know a lot about the environmental movement and its organizations, from those nine “world’s leading” ones, I only know the names of four. And two of them I only know because they are, unlike most other NGOs, CCS-advocates. E.g. the “Zero Emission Ressource Organization” is more or less just a pseudo-NGO financed by the oil industry in norway.
    Calling them the “world’s leading” environmental organizations sounds more like a joke than anything else.

  2. Has anyone seen good published numbers on the energy efficiency of the various CCS processes? I have seen suggestions that the overal efficiency of a coal fired-power plant can be cut by about 1/3 qhwn CCS is employed. I have not see a real study however.

    Another good question exists as to the liability an energy producer has upon creating a carbon storage site. I have never seen discussions about “spills or leaks” from such sites. Who is insuring such sites and can CCS sites even get insurance.

    Jest wondering….

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