Embarrassing: AGU’s ‘climate literacy’

Do kindergarten teacher views on climate science really debunk those of the climate skeptics?

That’s what the American Geophysical Union reportedly says.

According to the Environmental News Examiner article “American Geophysical scientists strike back with climate change literacy online“:

American Geophysical Union (AGU) scientists struck back at climate change deniers yesterday at the 44th annual AGU meeting of earth scientists from around the world in step with global leaders’ discussion of solutions to climate change at the 17th U.N. Climate Change Conference in Durban, Africa.

A representative from NASA announced “My guess is that it isn’t that there are a lot of climate change deniers in as so much as the few of them there are – are just loud.”

And how exactly did the AGU strike back a deniers? With a survey of K-12 teachers:

Further supporting the NASA position on global warming, a representative from the National Earth Science Teachers of America (NESTA) reported the results of 555 K-12 teachers in the United States who currently teach about climate change.

And what were the results?

On average, 89% of respondents indicated that they believe global warming is happening with the highest levels of agreement from respondents in Western states, younger teachers, urban teachers, and females.

Only 6% of respondents indicated that they did not believe global warming is happening. On average, only 13% of respondents attribute climate change to mainly natural causes with the highest rates of this response among male and Southern respondents.

Apparently as far as the AGU is concerned, climate skeptics — including top scientists like Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson, hydrogen bomb architect Edward Teller, MIT atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen, space science pioneer S. Fred Singer, first president of the National Academy of Sciences Frederick Seitz and more than 31,000 other American scientists — are wrong because their views differ with those of 494 K-12 teachers.

Words fail us.

2 thoughts on “Embarrassing: AGU’s ‘climate literacy’”

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  2. Besides zero growth economics & socialism, Anthropogenic Global Warming is on the top of the list for American teachers. Interesting that the very economic system that gave American teachers such a cushy life is attacked by them with a level of devotion to shame a Jesuit.

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