EDF: EPA mercury rule justified by DDT genocide


Environmental Defense Fund president Fred Krupp writes in the Miami Herald:

It is one of the most important public health measures in a generation, one that will save tens of thousands of American lives. It will protect the IQ of countless American kids, and help clear the air for the millions of Americans with asthma. It may be the biggest health story you’ve never heard of.

I’m referring to the ruling the Obama administration unveiled Dec. 21 to control toxic mercury pollution from coal-burning power plants. These rules have been 21 years in the making, and now, at long last, they will bring Americans some relief from a pervasive toxin.

The United States has always shown good sense when taking on hazardous substances in our environment. We banned DDT in the 1970s after learning that this pesticide was killing birds of prey. We banned lead in gasoline and paint after scientific research proved it was harming our children. We joined the world in banning CFC refrigerants after scientists demonstrated they were depleting the Earth’s ozone layer. And we took strong action to reduce sulfur emissions from coal plants, which were poisoning our forests and lakes with acid rain… [Emphasis added]

Not only will the EPA rule have no impact on anyone’s IQ (except perhaps to the extent it contributes to ignorance), but the EDF-masterminded DDT ban touted by Krupp led to the deaths of tens of millions of Africans, including millions of children. Billions more have been sickened and the economic toll has been devastating.

BTW, the ozone, leaded gasoline and and acid rain scares were bogus, too.

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