E-mail trail: EPA blows off FERC concerns on reliability

Newly released e-mail shows Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff frustration with EPA on potential electricity reliability problems caused by EPA’s coming utility MACT rule.

In an e-mail, FERC senior economist David Kathan writes,

… I don’t think there is any value in continuing to engage EPA on the issues. EPA has indicated that these are their assumptions and have made it clear that are not changed [sic] anything on reliability or gas availability in the proposed rule…

As it has done in o ther responses, EPA continues to make a lot of assumptions and does not directly answer anything associated with local reliability. They provide the standard response taht there will be enough time and they are confident taht regional processes will accomodate and local capcity deficiency problem early in the process, or they do not directly repsond to the question…

As Steve Milloy pointed out in his Washington Times column today,

… Senate Democrats like Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Robert P. Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia – all of whom are up for re-election in 2012 – might not want to roll the dice on whether there will be a killer heat wave next summer…

Click here for Kathan’s e-mail.

Click for today’s House Energy and Commerce letter to OMB about EPA’s utility MACT.

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