‘Deniers’ are like Neville Chamberlain?

Since comparing skeptics to Nazis failed…

Canadian columnist Charlie Smith writes in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight,

The only explanation [for ‘denialism’]I can come up with is psychological. They’re so full of hubris—so full of their own egotism—that they’re incapable of admitting that they’re wrong. To do so would be to acknowledge their own imperfection.

All this points to a troubling degree of narcissism within the Canadian media.

One day, I’m sure, they’ll be held up as complete fools by subsequent generations. They’re the Neville Chamberlains of our time.

The former British prime minister tricked himself into thinking that he could negotiate with Hitler. And many Canadian commentators have deluded themselves into disbelieving something as obvious as human-induced climate change.

Maybe we should pity them because I have a hunch that history isn’t going to be kind. [Emphasis added]

Human-induced climate change is “obvious”? Also, Chamberlain is more properly a symbol of appeasement than self-delusion.

Read Smith’s rant.

5 thoughts on “‘Deniers’ are like Neville Chamberlain?”

  1. So who’s trying to appease the earth god Gaia? Who’s trying to sacrifice economies and civilization? That would of course be the alarmists, not the sceptics.

  2. Massive amounts of projection there.

    I would say we Skeptics are more like Churchill- not listened to until (almost) too late… and probably to be discarded, once we have won the day.

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