‘Denial’ backfires?

Don’t cry for us, Joe Romm.

Like New York Times reporter Walter Duranty’s glowing reports of the success of Stalin’s 5-years plans, alarmist blogger Joe Romm claims “Koch-Fueled Denial Backfires: Independents, Other Republicans Split With Tea-Party Extremists on Global Warming“.

Whatever, Joe.

“Denialism” is faring so poorly that, in addition to fabricating junk climate science, alarmists are now fabricating junk public opinion to convince themselves and others that they’re winning.

3 thoughts on “‘Denial’ backfires?”

  1. Regarding ruined careers, don’t hold your breath expecting ANY government workers to be held accountable. From dog catcher to president, government workers in the USA are rarely held accountable for misdeeds on the job. Occasionally, they suffer the punishment of being forced to take time off with pay. Poor bastards. When they screw up really badly, they’re forced to take unscheduled bonus vacation time.

  2. Don’t expect rationality to affect any of the acolytes of the Church of Global Warming. Their belief system meets the criteria of religion; 1) a semi coherent set of beliefs, 2) doctrine that cannot be proven false and 3) strong incentives to bring in converts through viral ideas or forced conversion.
    Derision, not logic is the only means to stop them. The ClimateGate emails are helpful as a source of self parody.

  3. When the smoke clears some time from now, Gore, Romm, Trenberth, Mann, Hansen, etc. must certainly have their careers ruined forever. But I will not hold my breath for it.

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