All Talk: Congressman Capito Weary Of EPA Rules

Wake us when Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.VA) actually does something about the rogue Obama EPA.

WCHS radio reports,

U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, D-W.Va., [sic] says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new rules for coal-fired power plants could eliminate jobs and will be particularly harsh on West Virginia’s economy.

The EPA unveiled regulations last week that aim to limit mercury, arsenic and other toxic air pollutants from coal-fired plants. The rules require plants to be in compliance over the next three to four years.

Over the next couple years, power companies will have to retrofit their plants, find an alternate fuel source or close coal-fired power plants.

“That’ll be jobs. That’ll be higher utility prices for manufacturers, for individuals, for senior citizens on a fixed income,” Capito said.

Capito has been pushing for legislation that calls for EPA officials to consider the economic effects of new policies, instead of just environmental concerns. That bill has cleared the U.S. House, but has not gotten through U.S. Senate.

Capito says the rules do not consider economic impacts. She says that means West Virginia will be hurt by the regulations.

“It really penalizes our area, because we are so heavily dependent on that, because obviously we have the resources here,” Capito said.

EPA leaders say the new emissions standards could prevent more than 10,000 premature deaths each year. Cleaner air will also limit the number of people with asthma and other illnesses, according to the EPA.

Talk is cheap. House legislation has been worthless. But that hasn’t stopped Capito from crowing about failure.

6 thoughts on “All Talk: Congressman Capito Weary Of EPA Rules”

  1. Shelley Moore Capito is a Republican. One place in the article she is said to be a Democrat. She is doing everything she can. She’s not in a position to stop the EPA. It wiil take the House,Senate and a “Clear thinking President” stop this madness.

  2. I am amazed at the ignorance of the congresswoman. There are scientific reports that show that the economic benefits from the regulations far outweigh the cost of the regulations. Paul Krugman noted that in a recent essay.

    What someone needs to do is to show that the science that Mr. Krugman accepts is the absolute gibberish that it is. Our highly educated press corps should have done this. But, alas, education for most is the development of stupidity. Just look at those who resist vaccinations.

  3. And I will add just two simple comments …
    1…there are many good research articles, qualified scientists, that demonstrate
    value to added CO2 in the atmosphere. Cerial crops and forests are now growing
    faster, say 10-40 percent..? Isn’t this good news?
    2…during the warm period 900-1300AD the temperature was somr few degrees F
    higher than today. The Vikings occupied SW Greenland Then they left during the
    Little Ice Age 1400-1850, things froze..! Remember Washington on the famous river?
    So let’s go with what we get…hopefully somewhat higher CO2 and somewhat higher

  4. EPA’s rules are not needed..!
    Trying to control a very small percentage of what goes up via nature is foolish, and COSTLY..!
    And they know this…so just WHY do they do this? I’m talking mercury. Perplexed..!
    Some day…soon…we’ll thank China and India for building a coal-burning plant each week..!
    We need that CO2 up there…it helps And a lot more will help more.


  5. The question to ask all politicians is a yes or no one–do you believe in man-made climate change? If yes then you know that it is just a matter of how they will destroy the entire fossil fuel industry and substitute higher priced energy sources. If they answer no then these people can be trusted to protect the economy and jobs.

  6. Congress is a total failure in living up to the oath of office taken by each congressman or senator. They have the power to put the skids to EPA but apprarently are afraid to exercise their power. The House has the power of budgeting the way money is spent but don’t use it to hog tie this out of control agency. The cure for run away regulations is to return all members of congress home permanently.

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