Calif. solar users whine about novel fee

Who says solar is “the right thing to do”?

From the Clean Energy Report:

A proposal by a major California utility to establish a novel fee on customers who have installed solar power units on homes, schools and government buildings has sparked outrage from solar power advocates, environmentalists and local government officials, who argue the fee will unfairly penalize customers who have “done the right thing” by purchasing the renewable power systems.

But the utility — San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) — counters that the fee is critical because the substantial number of solar power units that have been installed in recent years is causing its electricity-distribution costs associated with the solar power units to soar and that these costs must be recovered from the solar customers…

SDGE solar fee

2 thoughts on “Calif. solar users whine about novel fee”

  1. Thank goodness that I left my whole solar installation to the new owners of my old home, and moved to a new home, where I will likely never install solar again!! It didn’t pay off!!!

  2. Its a 3 dollar fee! Thirty six bucks a year!
    Are these “net metering” people ignorant?
    Surely, SDGE sells each kilowatt for more then it costs them to produce it.
    The difference supports such things as line maintenance, power plant maintenance, billing services, employee compensation, etc.
    ‘net metering’ is just a stealth subsidy
    Do grocery stores sell apples for the same price they purchase them for?

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