Breaking: House GOP won’t include EPA riders in appropriations bill

An entire year of hearings and effort down the drain. Thanks, Speaker Boehner.

Sources tell that, with the possible exception of the Boiler MACT issue, no riders to control or rollback EPA overregulation will be attached to appropriations legislation that will be moving through Congress.

Apparently, Speaker Boehner wants to finish the legislation without a fight so that House Members can go home for Christmas.

Very sad.

2 thoughts on “Breaking: House GOP won’t include EPA riders in appropriations bill”

  1. Or perhaps he’s just a realist? Couldn’t get enough votes? Couldn’t override a veto? I think nothing happens, or at least nothing good, until a scrappy Republican gets in the White House or at least, scrappy R’s take over the senate. If that doesn’t happen, it’s Katy bar the door.

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