Bay Area air quality event not causing asthma problems

No emergency asthma visits at twice the federal air quality standards.

The Napa Valley Register reports,

The Napa Valley’s dry weather this December has created a bevy of air quality problems.

Through Tuesday, air pollution detected in the valley exceeded federal air quality standards in all but five days this month, according to data from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

In response, the air district issued mandatory burn bans for 10 days and recommended burn bans for four days this month, said Lisa Fasano, the district’s communications director.

On Sunday, Christmas Day, the amount of pollution in the valley’s air was more than double the amount allowable under the federal standard, according to the air district.

However, Queen of the Valley Medical Center hasn’t seen any increase in the number of asthma patients, said Timothy Smith, an emergency physician at the hospital.

This fact conflicts with the activist fable reported in “Enviros produce an asthmatic — but no link to air pollution“.

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  1. I have asthma and there is a strong correlation between the degree of intensity and Spare the Air days. When people burn fires in the neighborhood I have difficulty breathing. Until you’ve lived it, perhaps you shouldn’t judge it.

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