9 thoughts on “Bachmann’s quote of the night: ‘Legalize American energy””

  1. Yodady…the Liquid Metal Fast Reactor is in the GenIV research stage, due for demonstration
    soon, but not commercial until much later…say 2025-2030.
    The GenIII is avail now, and abulding, several in the SE USA.
    Those two Senators don’t need to wait..! (Kyl, McKain).
    Let’s make some money..!

  2. …to Mark… AZ already has its nuclear plant there. It is the largest in the country, with three reactors
    and 4000 acres. They have a way with water that will allow more reactors…also unique.

  3. @Vernon – this is were stifled Nuke energy research creates a problem. We need reactors that use less water in Arid spots like Arizona. DOA tends to award nuke research projects and then stifle them, so we don’t get the newer self contained plants.

  4. Bachmann knows that GenIII and GenIV are the future. She’ll support Senators Kyl and
    McKain in building reactors 40 miles west of Phoenix…say 6-8 in the next 20-40 years.
    This will supply all of southern CA, AZ, western NM, and NV…. Through the remainder
    of this century…

  5. How about the quote of the decade. Simply maximizing utilization of natural gas could reduce electricity costs enough to get the ecomony going. OH NO ! WAIT! This is our last chance to save the planet……….

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