AP: Power plant closures to cost US towns jobs, taxes

And we have yet to see if the lights will stay on.

The Associated press reports,

For more than 90 years, the coal-fired power plant in Glen Lyn, Va., has been churning out electricity and contributing to local prosperity. Of late, it has generated nearly a quarter of the revenue for the $1 million budget of the town.

Yet when the plant ultimately shuts down to comply with new federal air pollution regulations by the end of 2014, says Town Manager Howard Spencer, so too might the community of 200.

“If the town lost all of that revenue,” he says, “we would struggle to even continue to be incorporated.”

An Associated Press analysis has found that more than 32 mostly coal-fired power plants in a dozen states will be forced to close because of the new, more stringent regulations. Another 36 plants are at risk of closing…

Rick Perry was right — EPA is a “cemetery for jobs.”

3 thoughts on “AP: Power plant closures to cost US towns jobs, taxes”

  1. We have been fighting pollution in earnest for 41 years since the First Earth Day and the formation of the EPA. Now, The job is virtually done. Our Waters are now virtually Clean, no rivers burn now, and there are no American Rivers serving as open sewers. Only a few counties in two metro areas still have endemic Air Pollution, and even there, lots of progress in cleaning up has been made.

    So the careerists at EPA are growing desperate to preserve their jobs. They have tightened almost every toxic pollution standard that existed in 1970, and in some cases that was worthwhile but in others it’s just pure EPA job protection.

    The days of the EPA in its present form are numbered. Like any Army after a War, it is coming to the time to Declare Victory and then Demobilize. The Peace dividend from a much smaller EPA sufficient to serve as a peace time Army, and simply maintain the gains, is drawing near.

    Because we lost? No. Because with American Grit and Exceptionalism we have Won the War on Pollution!

  2. This is where we are in Logansport, Indiana with our coal powered utilities. We are struggling for a way to keep our plant, but it doesn’t look promising. Anyone who paid attention to candidate Obama have not been caught by surprise because they understood what he was saying when he warned us that under his plan utilities would necessarily skyrocket. That’s one campaign promise I wish he hadn’t kept. What I cannot understand is how coal-producing states voted for him after he promised to put coal producers out of business. Another promise he’s keeping all in the name of the false premise of “global warming”.

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