All-Pro Green Hypocrisy: Tom Brady’s Green Dream Home

“Tom Brady’s 22,000-square foot palace near Los Angeles is nearing completion, and it will make almost any environmentalist smile.” continues:

Oh sure, the Patriots star will be living life like a coal baron. His new home includes eight bedrooms, six-car garage, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with spa, a weight room and a wine cellar, reports the Boston Herald. The house that Brady built also comes loaded with — get this — a covered bridge connecting two wings of the home, an elevator, a nursery for his son Benjamin, and a gallery.

The price? More than $20 million. That’s in addition to the $11 million that was spent to buy the 3.75 acres of land in Brentwood, Calif.

Now for the green part:

Gisele Bundchen, wife of the Patriots legend and the money maker in the relationship, is a United Nations environmental ambassador. So she’s under pressure for building a giant, energy-eating palace.

So Bundchen declared she had the home built with solar energy, energy-saving lighting, rainwater recovery systems, waste reduction and recycling programs, energy-efficient appliances and sustainable building materials, according to the Herald…

Click for a helicopter video of Brady’s mansion.

2 thoughts on “All-Pro Green Hypocrisy: Tom Brady’s Green Dream Home”

  1. Gisele Bundchen-Brady was one of the most highly paid fashion models in the industry, mostly from posing as a Victoria Secrets model of lingerie. She is hardly qualified as an expert in environmental engineering. She does make a very pretty spokesperson, though, and that matters in this image-conscious world.

    I can only imagine how much carbon has been entered into the atmosphere from all of the construction at the home site, not to mention what it took to manufacture all of the materials used.

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