WSJ: Greenpeace vs. the Tuna Sandwich

“Finding Nemo” is Greenpeace’s idea of a science documentary.

The canned tuna industry writes in the Wall Street Journal:

In their latest campaign against tuna, Greenpeace activists have dressed up as bloodthirsty sharks to ask why a company would kill Disney’s Nemo, and they’ve produced a video featuring one of our brand icons being stabbed in the eye.

This might be attention-grabbing. But it’s not exactly constructive dialogue and it isn’t intellectually serious. No one comes away any more knowledgeable about tuna and sustainable fishing.

Unfortunately, this attack on canned tuna isn’t about science.

Read Greenpeace vs. the Tuna Sandwich.

One thought on “WSJ: Greenpeace vs. the Tuna Sandwich”

  1. GreenPeace , Environmentalism, Environmentalists are the modern emergence of the National Socialist Party.

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