Wind industry reaps what it sows

There’s a reason General Electric is building a wind farm in Mongolia.

In an article about a World Bank-funded wind farm GE is constructing in Mongolia, the Wall Street Journal reports,

… the wind sector is bracing for pricing pressure. “The competition is so much more fierce now,” following the end of wind-power purchase subsidies in some nations and the ill-effect of economic downturn on demand, said Per Krogsgaard, a wind specialist at Denmark-based consulting firm BTM Consult ApS.

The wind industry has aided and abetted green efforts to delay economic recovery and curb economic growth. The poorer we are, the less wind there will be.

Read the Wall Street Journal article.

2 thoughts on “Wind industry reaps what it sows”

  1. Wind power should be recognized for what is is… a trace power source that could one day supply perhaps 5% of the worlds energy…

  2. All new wind turbines should be vertical axis models….The current monster horizontal axis wind turbines are obsolete..

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