Update: Deadly storm strikes Durban as climate talks open

At least one other similar bad storm struck South Africa — in 1928!

We earlier reported about UN sorta blaming yesterday’s deadly storm in Durban on climate change.

But a similar storm occurred in 1928 when global CO2 levels were estimated to be about 310 parts per million (vs. the current level of about 390 ppm).

From an Australian Press Association report, dated November 26, 1928:


CAPETOWN, November 26. A coastal storm, presaged by a terrific downpour of rain, occurred in Eastern Cape Province. The damage in the Riversdale district is estimated at £40,000. Houses were demolished, and 2000 stock were drowned. Fruit trees and crops were swept, away. Mail steamers were nine hours late.

Click to see the original newspaper clipping of this report.

[h/t Steve Goddard]

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