The Salt Guru: Fight Feds for Salt Freedom

Will you invest 5 minutes online for salt freedom?

Five federal agencies in Washington are laying the groundwork for what may be an unprecedented regulatory attack on salt.

In this Salt Guru video, Morton Satin, the Salt Institute’s Vice President of Science and Research, explains what is brewing among the D.C. bureaucrats and what concerned citizens can do about it.

The agencies have called a Nov. 10 public hearing just outside Washington and have requested online comments by Nov. 29 under the foreboding title “Approaches to Reducing Sodium Consumption.”

To encourage public comments, The Salt Institute has launched a social media campaign asking its nearly 14,000 salt lovers on “Salt Health” Facebook to take five minutes to fight for salt freedom. Sample letters are provided, along with links to the government site receiving comments.

Go to the Salt Health Facebook page providing all you need, including sample comments.

Go directly to the site taking comments for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Go directly to the site taking comments for the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

One thought on “The Salt Guru: Fight Feds for Salt Freedom”

  1. Is there no limit to the dumb things this govenment can do to waste money and control our lives. I thought abolishing d-Con, a working rat killer was the end. Here is more. Throw the blighters out.

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