10 thoughts on “Hot video: Supermodels take it off for climate change”

  1. Either I am missing something or all you got this backwards. As the CO2 went down, the clothes came off. Either CO2 has a cooling effect as many say or CO2 has little to do with global warming. Or maybe it is both. Maybe we should try for 270ppm.

  2. Good lord, we need more CO2 to produce more food so these girls can have nutricious, fattening food to eat.
    If these pitiful, skinny bags of bones are the 21st century vision of beauty, we’ve got much larger problems than burning fossil fuel.

  3. So how much CO2 is generated by the fashion industry that pays these clothes racks (models)?

    “That color is SOOO last year” meaning you need to throw out all of your perfectly good clothes and replace them with this year’s fashions. The fashion industry is consumerism at its worst.

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