Sierra Club hires Charlie Sheen’s publicist

Watch for more hypocrites and half-wits promoting the green cause.

Energy and Environment Daily reports,

Veteran Hollywood publicist Melissa Sun is joining the Sierra Club to focus on harnessing celebrity involvement for major environmental campaigns.

Sun’s move to the green group, announced yesterday, comes as conservationists enlist a magazine’s worth of boldfaced names — from Robert Redford to Alec Baldwin to John Cusack — in their pushback against the $7 billion Keystone XL oil pipeline. Her previous post at Los Angeles firm Stan Rosenfield & Associates involved representing film stars such as George Clooney, Helen Mirren and Charlie Sheen.

In a statement on the move, Sierra said it “courted” Sun for a new “branding and strategy” project in the wake of this summer’s $50 million donation from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to focus on anti-coal initiatives.

We can’t wait to see Charlie Sheen arrested in front of the White House. Winning!

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