Scott Brown: Setting the record straight

Sen. Brown defends himself against scurrilous enviro attacks aimed at replacing him with the execrable Elizabeth Warren.

Sen. Brown writes in the Lowell Sun:

If you turn on the television over the next couple of weeks, chances are you will probably see yet another attack ad distorting my record and misleading voters. This time, it’s the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) that is pouring nearly $2 million dollars into polluting the airwaves with their negative ads.

All told, special-interest groups allied with the liberal Massachusetts political machine have now spent more than $3 million attacking me this year, and their unprecedented negative campaign will only increase between now and next November. The reason is simple: They are upset because I don’t march in step with their plans for higher taxes, more spending and bigger government.

My priority will continue to be the economy. When I vote against increased regulation, or higher taxes, I am doing so out of a belief that sometimes government itself is the biggest obstacle to job growth.

At their core, campaigns and elections are fundamentally about differences on policy and the best way forward for our country during these challenging times. On that score, I’m happy to put my record up against anybody’s. But, these issues should be debated openly on the facts and merits, not with half-true and deceptive ad campaigns from third-party interest groups.

This most recent ad from the LCV grossly distorts my environmental record. For instance, they use votes on unrelated issues — such as my vote in favor of a border fence to combat illegal immigration — to suggest that I am anti-environment. They also suggest I am opposed to removing special breaks from the tax code, when the truth is I support a fairer and simpler tax code so long as the savings from eliminating special deductions and credits go toward lowering rates and not to feeding the insatiable appetite of the big spenders in Washington.

Our only question for Sen. Brown is, what is even the “half-truth” coming out of environmentalists?

Read Sen. Brown’s op-ed.

Watch Elizabeth Warren’s diatribe against “the rich”.

One thought on “Scott Brown: Setting the record straight”

  1. I really liked the anti-Scott Brown ads, the best entertainment ever. Not only is the ad from the LCV, but part of their argument (before identifying themselves as the source of the ad) is that Brown got a failing grade from — guess who? — the LCV! This takes the fallacy of citing yourself to an hilarious level. “You’re a bad person… because I said the same thing yesterday.” LOL!

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