Romney: ‘I exhale carbon dioxide’

Mitt started to get the hang of skepticism and then screwed it up.

According to Politico:

Speaking at an event in Manchester, N.H., Romney criticized the Obama EPA for its push to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and suggested the agency has its priorities in the wrong place.

“I’m all in favor of eliminating pollution,” Romney said. “Now I know there is also a movement to say that carbon dioxide should be guided or should be managed by the Environmental Protection Agency. I disagree with that.

“I exhale carbon dioxide,” he added. “I don’t want those guys following me around with a meter to see if I’m breathing too hard.”

But Romney then quickly slipped back into eco-alarmism:

“Clearly the role of governments, federal, state and local, is to protect our air and water. If we’re killing ourselves with mercury or other pollutants that affect our air, our water and our food supply, that’s something we have to address and cut back on those dangers,” Romney said.

Later, he added on mercury: “It’s a pollutant that obviously affects you in life and I very much support efforts to reduce the pollutants in our environment. They surely have an impact on our health.” [Emphasis added]

And surely you just lost your anti-green points for today.

8 thoughts on “Romney: ‘I exhale carbon dioxide’”

  1. Romney’s comment is just short of saying I’m so pathetic on matters ecological or scientific: vote for me you can be stupid too.

  2. Had Romney made these statements from the get go, he might be believable. However, in true Clintonista fashion he bends with the wind. Romney will say anything to get elected. Just what we need; another whimp in the WH. Who are the 25% that keep supporting Romney? The elitists in Washington DC?

  3. I am so sick of climate alarmism! I too have a finger in the air for them but you are not supposed todo that in polite company.

  4. Many Australians look to the US electing a President who simply states that MMCC is based on crap science and is therefore not a concern. Just like Canada’s Harper did prior to their last election. Romney looks like he will be the contender but will he have the cajones to sack Hanssen, Mann and co and their dodgy science?

  5. Anyone who gets elected to President has their finger in the breeze constantly. Those who do not are not President.

  6. Romney has his finger in the breeze constantly to see what he should say in response to whatever direction it may be blowing at the time. His response to any question could be summed up thus; “What do you want to hear?”

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