Penn State Alumnus: Investigate Climategate

Penn State. Climategate. Investigate.

Penn State alumnus Ramsay Barrett writes in the Centre Daily Times,

I am deeply saddened by the recent events in State College. A culture of cover-up appears to have become embedded at Penn State, and a thorough house cleaning needs to occur now.

A good place to start is for Penn State to reopen the Michael Mann Climategate scandal investigation. This phony whitewash of an investigation was conducted under recently fired Penn State President Graham Spanier’s watch. An all-Penn State group of professors exonerated one of their own while keeping their methods and deliberations secret.

The most contentious charges were prematurely dismissed in the inquiry stage of the investigation causing MIT professor Richard Lindzen to express “amazement” and to “wonder what is going on.”

Mann’s hide-the-decline emails that came to light in the Climategate scandal clearly reveal a pattern of deceit apparent to anyone outside of academia.
I ask all Penn State alumni to contact Penn State President Rod Erickson and demand an open and independent investigation of Mann.

Ramsay Barrett Marshall, Va.

Read Barrett’s in the Centre Daily Times.

3 thoughts on “Penn State Alumnus: Investigate Climategate”

  1. Interesting sign, apart from myself I’ve never seen anyone else use the term “Mann Made Global Warming”.

    Maybe I’ve started something? 🙂



  2. It probably will take an outcry from the alumni of PSU to get a proper investigation of the Mann fraud but don’t expect the Board of Trustees to initiate it. The push needs to be with the governor to fire the board and install new competent members to carry out an investigation. The doubt that has been cast will continue to be a cloud over the university and its reputation.

  3. A refreshing letter to a bad scene. Others should rise to the occasion and demand the same from other universities and research laboratories that have employees bahaving badly

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