NYTimes on Muller: Damn the torpedoes

The New York Times editors flaunt their climate confusion.

Today’s NY Times editorial about Muller-gate, which omits mention of most of the to-do, concludes:

Mr. Muller says he doesn’t know how much of the warming is caused by humans, what its effects will be or what should be done about it. He shows little interest in entering the political fight. Still, his acceptance of the reality of warming may help move the conversation — once and for all — away from questions about whether it exists to smart strategies for addressing it.

Summarizing that paragraph, the Times feels that:

We don’t know much but let’s do something anyway.

Read the Times editorial.

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2 thoughts on “NYTimes on Muller: Damn the torpedoes”

  1. Ahh! The NYT, unfit for mental consumption or even as bathroom tissue. Perhaps people purchase it for its garbage wrapping qualities. The agenda of the paper seems to be in competition with the Daily Enquirer.
    Yellow journalism isn’t dead; the NYT just naturally exudes the odor of decomposition.

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