Nature says Climategate 2.0 damages skeptics


Nature comments on Climategate 2.0:

… If anything, Climategate 2 may damage the cause of the climate sceptics who eagerly promote it. Despite their obvious lack of anything approaching credible evidence, their hyperbole, accusations, claims and allegations remain the same. Beyond the echo chamber they inhabit, who is still listening? You cannot, as Abraham Lincoln said, fool all of the people all of the time. And it is getting harder to fool them some of the time too.

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6 thoughts on “Nature says Climategate 2.0 damages skeptics”

  1. Nature, and a host of other so called science magazines have all been taken over by the environmentalist extreme. They are no longer capable of uttering truth or recognizing truth no matter how it may be presented to them. They dismiss scientific papers that question or show the opposite of what they want people to believe and they will cover their eyes and actually believe that the science is settled regarding man made climate change when far more scientists are skeptical than they admit. This is a religion, pure and simple, and they are religious fanatics that will do anything to promote their agenda and religion.

  2. “Beyond the echo chamber they inhabit, who is still listening? ”
    Evidently Nature has not read the *content* of the emails, nor do they wish to.
    It is sufficient to condemn those who have and who wish to discuss the emails.

  3. Wow, this Nature article is eerie, substitute “Climate Science” for “Psychology” and the article fits perfectly.

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