Muller trashes WashPost’s Eugene Robinson

More from Muller’s interview with Capitol Report New Mexico.

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The interviewer asks Muller:

… I pick up an editorial by Eugene Robinson, Washington Post. It says what Dr. Muller says proves that these skeptics are wrong and they gotta get on this cap-and-trade train.

Muller responds,

Uh, that’s ridiculous.

Have you sent your comments to Eugene Robinson yet?

Watch the YouTube interview. It starts off with the Robinson hit.

2 thoughts on “Muller trashes WashPost’s Eugene Robinson”

  1. There are three possible explanations:
    1) Muller realized that he undercut everything he had worked for, lost all credibility in both camps, and is wheeling and dealing to try and get back a respectible position
    2)Muller realized the error of his ways and is honestly trying to make amends
    3)Muller was replaced by a pod person for a period of two weeks

    One of these is utterly impossible of course, and I’d need more evidence before declaring an alien invasion, so I’m going with number 1

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