3 thoughts on “Maldives President: Hero or Crackpot?”

  1. You have it right on. Young children should not be exposed in the school system to all the crap that is being foisted on them while they are very impressionable. Has anyone else seen the blatant lies being told by the david suzuki foundation? Another money grab aimed at children. He is on a par with child pornographers.

  2. Are they not all telling lies, or ‘porkies’ for the politically correct – here in the South Pacific we have island nations whinging that their islands will soon be submerged – the fact is that some of those islands were submerged some years ago, many only 1 meter above mean sea level – the bottom line is that Australia and NZ generate wealth and they want a share of it or a nice new home in either country at someone else’s expense, so the cause of their supposed problem is really our fault – at least that’s what all the whinging is attempting to convince the rest of the third world and the trendy liberal tree hugging set of.
    The crime is that many of our young people are being brain washed and are simply now idealistic warriors for the ‘save the planet’ religion whereas those who understand how ‘Helen Clark’ at the UN thinks – it’s all eventually about a one world government starting by taking from the supposed rich and giving it to the third world, the environmental crusade is just a very convenient vehicle that is relatively easy to power with emotion which everyday we see is riding roughshod over science.

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