Krauthammer wrong on Keystone XL, Obama

Syndicated columnist and Fox News Channel contributor Charles Krauthammer is much venerated but still misunderstands the green Obama.

In his column today titled, “Pipeline Sellout Places Politics Above Country“, Krauthammer writes,

President Obama decreed that any decision [on Keystone XL] must wait 12 to 18 months — postponed, by amazing coincidence, until after next year’s election.

Why? Because the pipeline angered Obama’s environmental constituency.

No. Wrong.

Obama never was going to approve the Keystone XL — and he will never will. And this is not because of any external enviro pressure.

The Keystone XL protests were an act. As pressure built on Obama to approve the pipeline, something he didn’t want to do in the first place, enviro groups provided “public outrage” that Obama used as an excuse to delay-kill the pipeline.

Like other enviro-Marxists, Obama hates the fossil fuel industry. He takes every opportunity to screw it — witness his war against coal, loosing the EPA on fracking, blocking onshore/offshore drilling and now his Keystone XL kill-by-delay.

Obama is not a soft-headed guy who the enviros “got to”. He’s one of them. He didn’t “sell out” the country for political reasons. He’s implementing his anti-American agenda.

Imagine Satan as the Pope. That’s Obama in a political context.

Read Krauthammer’s column.

3 thoughts on “Krauthammer wrong on Keystone XL, Obama”

  1. Krauthammer may be venerated but only because people are too polite to tell a cripple when he’s being an idiot. Don’t confuse Krauthammer’s extraordinary talent and his will to succeed despite his handicap with the ability to rationally interpret events. He is consistently wrong about Obama’s intentions.

    Obama is the first anti-American president, one who truly hates individualism and liberty. Krauthammer thinks the essence of politics is pragmatism, that is, ignoring principles and acting for short term gain. He doesn’t believe that a politician can be dedicated to principles, especially not hideous principles. Obama is not a pragmatist, he’s the first president who’d be willing to lose an election if he can bring an end to what little is left of the free market in the US and establish a fascist corporate state.

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