Kenny: Climate change ushers in a new age of superstition

“The general prediction is that the COP-17 conference in Durban will not produce any binding agreement on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s hope this is true,” writes in South Africa’s Business Day.

Kenny writes,

AS COP-17 kicks off in Durban, with all its apocalyptic warnings and religious gestures towards “reducing your carbon footprint”, it is clear climate change has brought in a new age of superstition. Today we smile when we look back on the witch-burnings of the 16th century where all manner of ill fortune, such as crop failures, deformed children and disease, was blamed on harmless old women with warts on their noses. We should wipe that smile from our faces. Today, all manner of ill fortune, such as crop failures, droughts and floods, is blamed on a perfectly benevolent trace gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide.

Read Kenny’s commentary.

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