How the GOP can stop Obama’s war against fossil fuel

We have the letter than gives the GOP the key to success right here.

Our strategy turns heretofore enemies into advocates.

The wind industry sent a letter to Congress pleading for extension of its production tax credit (PTC) — the subsidy that expires next year and that is vital to the industry’s very existence.

So here’s the plan: House Republicans tell the wind industry that, when the Obama war on fossil fuels ends, the wind industry can have its PTC extended.

This will turn Denise Bode and the American Wind Energy Association, and all their hangers on, into aggressive fossil fuel lobbyists.

It will also split the energy industry from the enviros for good.

2 thoughts on “How the GOP can stop Obama’s war against fossil fuel”

  1. It might be a good test for how committed to expensive wind power the liberals are. It would require immediate approval of the XL Pipeline and an end to Federal blocks to oil and gas fracking at the least, but an end to the war on fossil fuels would be best. There should also be a national reader board for the eagle death count from wind farms. Isn’t it odd how if you shoot an eagle you get 10yr in prison but the wind lobby can kill as many as they want and get a pass.

  2. Spending other people’s money (OPM – opium) sure makes the liberals feel good. Wind is two or three times more expensive than coal and is intermitant. Let it stand on its own two wind legs.

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