Horner on EPA’s Jackson: Whoa! Which time are you lying?

Chris Horner points out the inconsistencies in Lisa Jackson’s rationale for EPA regulating greenhouse gases.

In last weekend’s interview on EnergyNow.com, EPA chief Lisa Jackson said that the EPA has lots of reasons for enacting rules that would lower greenhouse gas emissions but meeting President Obama’s international climate pledges isn’t one of them, reported Politico.

But the American Tradition Institute’s Horner says in an e-mail:

They had been saying quite the opposite. She unveiled the endangerment finding to provide for a rapturous reception at Hopenchangen.

Pre-Poznan address: Obama said his leadership on the climate issue will begin with cap-and-trade.

Hopenchangen: Obama cited the emission reductions as key but NOT SIMPLY to meet global obligations [longer version with sassy headline here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypbxy1Qms1o&feature=related]

Lisa Jackson, before Copenhagen: For President Obama and the United States, that global effort starts at home. We have been hard at work on confronting climate change, through a wide range of initiatives – some you may have heard about, and others you may not have…

Finally, I’m proud to say that – hours before I stepped on the plane to come here, I announced EPA’s finalized endangerment finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to our health and welfare.]

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  1. “A few months ago I questioned the EPA why they persist in banning D.D.T., which started in1972 under the then Chairman Ruckelshaus.”

    It’s worse than that. The ban was done solely by Ruckelshaus personally in spite the declaration by the EPA judge who oversaw the investigation into DDT that DDT posed no harm to humans and was a valuable agent in protecting human health. Ruckelshaus did not attend any of the hearings or make use of the findings to issue his ban on DDT. He was as pro-green agenda and anti-science as Jackson. See The Apocalyptics by Edith Efron for more detail.

  2. We eliminated yellow fever and the other “tropical” diseases in the United States by putting kerosene in the marshes and filling them in. If we have a return of these diseases in this country would we still allow the environmentalists to prevent the Use of DDT?

  3. Yes, it is long overdue, that the U.S. EPA should be totally dismantled. A few months ago I questioned the EPA why they persist in banning D.D.T., which started in1972 under the then Chairman Ruckelshaus. He believed the rabid false claims by Rachel Carson in her book: “Silent Spring” of 1962, that D.D.T. not only caused harm to Bald Eagles, but also cause cancer in humans. I myself, my wife and tens of millions of people have been treated in the middle 1940’s and until the 1950’s against typhus, our homes and every building was sprayed twice a year against mosquitos, the bringers of malaria. There has never been one proof of cancer caused by that substance and one of her managers in her answering letter admitted, that the W.H.O. deems D.D.T. as a “probable” cause of cancer, thus not a factual one. But the fact, that some 58 million people have died since 1972 from typhus and malaria in the poorer countries, seem not important to both the institutions, because they clearly do not wish to be found wrong. I have called them mass-murderers, because one does not always need weapons to obtain the same result of near-genocide. I agree, that corrupt “scientists”, bureaucrats, lawyers and media-outlets, are hell-bent to destroy our democracy and like communists, but without the force of weapons, wish to rule and brain-wash the world, through lies and doomsay.
    Nos Lapre from Sydney, Australia.

  4. The main thing to be concerned with is the EPA regulating without mandate. The EPA cites the 1970 Clean Air Act as justification, as well as the 2007 passage by the House of greenhouse regulation. The bill did not pass the Senate, nor was the bill signed into law by the President.

    This is regulating without mandate, and we should be mad as heck about it.

  5. FYI Lisa Jackson’s previous post was as JON CORZINE’s chief of staff, and before that, head of New Jersey’s EPA. Her “new” EPA website emphasizes teaching public school children about “Climate Justice.” With that as her history, is there any wonder she’s lying?

  6. A poser president with a photoshopped resume appoint a cabinet full of miscreants….where do you begin ?

    Chu hasn’t a clue….Holder is a furious gun runner…Jackson’s an eco-freak…the entire loot is crooks and loons. We now have over 7,000 emails with ample proof of government funded “scientists” committing fraud for the expressed purpose of increasing government taxes and CREATING a fraudlent unneeded commodity market. You are left with two choices. Either hapless humanity stumbles into one expensive bloodbath every generation to the next….or inhuman money changers intentionally stage set, direct and then “profit” from human carnage. If you need some research to decide this fundamental issue then read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” on the history of the Federal Reserve. Some brief articles on Faux History are posted at the Faux Science Slayer website. We have been intentionally mis-educated and it is time to correct that error. It is time for a Universal Magna Carta.

  7. Lisa Jackson is simply the tool of the Obama administration to drive an agenda down the throat of the American people designed to force submission to a policy that will limit the ability of people to prosper. It is part of a designed plan to control society and certainly has no basis in factual science, which is simply being used as a smoke screen.

    I rather doubt she has looked at anything that could possibly counter her ideological beliefs. Its amazing to see this go on, It is reminiscent of Italy in the time of Mussolini

    And there is no way she will be fired as she is doing the job she was tasked to do by the people that placed her there.

  8. Fired indicates warmth. She needs to cool her heals, which is the direction that our climate is heading. She is proud in her stupidity.

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