Felon climate activist endorses Huntsman — from prison!

Climate activist Tim DeChristopher is in jail — and he had nothing to do with the hockey stick!

The Salt Lake Tribune reports,

Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman won an unlikely and probably unwanted endorsement Tuesday from Tim DeChristopher, a Utahn and climate change activist.

DeChristopher, writing from his federal prison cell where he’s serving a two-year sentence, offered his support to Huntsman saying he’d make a better leader for the environment than President Barack Obama and encouraged climate change activists to coalesce around the former Utah governor’s campaign.

“The climate movement could also rock the boat by campaigning for Jon Huntsman right now,” DeChristopher wrote to the website, Grist.com, which has published occasional letters from him. In addition to teaching Democrats that they can’t take environmentalists’ votes for granted, he said, “I genuinely believe that Jon Huntsman would make a better president than Obama.”

DeChristopher — who was convicted of two felonies for making protest votes during a December 2008 federal oil and gas lease auction with no intention of paying for them — says in his letter that Huntsman showed “integrity” as Utah’s governor while up against a Legislature “that makes the U.S. House look sane.”

“He has guts, which is more than anyone can say for Obama,” DeChristopher wrote. “If Huntsman wanted an endorsement from a lefty activist felon in prison, he would have it”…

Huntsman’s campaign acknowledged DeChristopher’s endorsement but quickly steered the conversation back to the candidate’s economic plans.

“We hope he has relatives in New Hampshire who can support the candidate who has offered the most conservative, pro-growth jobs plan in the field,” said Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller.”

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