EPA undercuts biofuels industry?

It could be time for a biofuel-ed airstrike on the EPA.

The Clean Energy Report reports,

The chemical industry is protesting EPA’s recently released draft Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) assessment of n-butanol, a chemical intermediary that is used to produce a host of other chemical substances, charging that the draft assessment derived overly conservative risk values that, if adopted, would threaten biofuel production.

Willem Faber, a toxicologist and consultant for the American Chemistry Council (ACC), told an EPA-sponsored listening session on the draft assessment Oct. 26 that if EPA adopts the draft assessment in its current form, it would get labeled as a developmental toxicant in at least one state, making it difficult for butanol-based biofuels to be sold there.

“The U.S. Government gives out millions of dollars to companies producing biobutanol from corn and switchgrass,” Faber said. “If you were to publish this assessment as is, in one state in the country, a developmental toxicity label would be slapped on [n-butanol]. This has tremendous implications for the biofuels industry.”

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